Can you be a successful entreprenuer after 40?

I just read this Forbes article by Cheryl Conner:

Younger Or Older: Who Makes The Better Entrepreneur?

This is a very interesting article and something that I have been thinking about lately. I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, starting my first business at 22 years old. I did not have great success initially, probably due to my youthful cockiness and lack of experience. It has been in my late thirties and early forties that I have finally found the kind of success that makes me happy. I own several businesses that I manage and I don’t actually have to show up every day in order for them to function. I also have a life, spend quality time with my husband and child and take at least 6 weeks of vacation every year. I think that the younger, more technology oriented entrepreneur, can make a lot of money early on, but they may lack the life wisdom to know how to balance out their success. At the “old age” of 44, I have come to the realization that money is not the main marker of my success. It is my ability to control my time and to be able to savor the most important components of life – family, friendships, and contributions to others.

Creative Live Seminar Review: Lewis Howes – Starting an online business

Well, I have not watched the whole 3 day seminar but I have seen at least 6 of the 18 hours of video. I bought the recordings for $99 because it was a screaming deal and I wanted to be able to go back and watch all of the segments.

All I can say is WOW!…. It was an awesome seminar and I can’t wait to watch the whole thing.  If you have been struggling to start an online business, you need to buy this video seminar ASAP. Lewis and friends really provide a step by step blueprint for any ambitious entrepreneur to get up and running in a weekend. I am not associated in any way with Creative Live or Lewis Howes so this is a genuine review and testimonial.  If you want to learn more about Lewis Howes’ business strategies, his website is

He also had guests, Derek Halpern – and

James Wedmore –

These guys rocked as well!

Speaking of Creative Live, what an awesome concept. It was started by Chase Jarvis and some partners in my hometown of Seattle and I just heard that they have been funded $15 million by investors.  If you have not heard of Creative Live, you need to check it out at and sign up for any of their free classes.  Their live classes are always free to watch – you only have to pay if you want the recordings to go back and watch again. They are providing an amazing education platform for the world.

Platforms like Creative Live support my belief that business school is no longer necessary as a pre-cursor to business success. There are so many free resources and inexpensive resources available online that will help you start, market, and grow your business,.

Anyway, enough for now. Hope you find the information in this post helpful.

What this Blog is All About!

Well, hello there! Nice to meet you. This is my official first blog post so I thought it proper to give you an idea of what this blog is all about and what kind of content you can expect in the future.  I am not going to put myself in a box but the main topics that I will cover will be:



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